Soul Paintings

Painting the Soul:

You Are The Artist of Your Life

This is my favorite mission, to take you on a soul odyssey.ResizedDeidrePainting

I can create a soul painting for you or I can lead you through the soul painting process, alone or in a group. In this unique multi-sensory painting workshop, I offer a creative discovery process designed to connect each participant to his/her true soul – through art, sound, meditation, crystals, readings,  and essential oils.

In the process of creating a soul painting, you will:

• Learn to heal yourself by awakening your core essence
• Release the ego as you ascend into the Rays of Light, breath, crystal sound bowls, native drumming, rattles,  flutes, which raise the vibration of your soul
• Explore consciousness through a process that engages the creative self and the “I Am” presence

“Soul paintings are energetically-embedded paintings set with healing energies by the Language of Light Rays,  Angelic Guides, and beyond.  By stepping out into the vibration of color, light, sound, and guided mediation, our soul opens to Spirit and healing.” I often embeds power crystals on to paintings.

I use a variety of techniques to help my clients, allowing one to see their life and passions in vivid moments of clarity.  I help my clients see into the power of their own intuition, inviting them to play with and gain wisdom into their lives.

I display my own soul paintings and have placed a selection of my original creations up for sale.

Some of the Language of Light practitioners I has worked with include Jacqueline Joy at Diamond Alignment, Raquel Spencer, and Judy Satori.

You can contact Me:

Group classes available and personal classes.

Group of 2 to 4           $98.00 each

Group of  4 and up   $88.00 each

Personal session      $111.00

Each class I will provide all the materials needed to create your blueprint painting.  I will do a specific meditation to bring in your Highest Self with the sound bowls, drumming, rattles, and flute if it is called.  I will also do intuitive readings, healing if desired, and allow Creator, Spirit to lead us all.  These classes can last up to 3 hours, they are full of JOY, EASE, and Grace and lots of Fun!   This is my passion!  I have been an Art Teacher/Specialist for the last 25 years.  These classes have brought so much joy to all that have chosen to do this!  Come and play with Spirit!

Phone:  (702) 245-4472